The Mabel Alter Balletschool is supporting young talent (c) Balletschool Mabel Alter

Encouragement Award  Summerschool Den Haag 
since 2013
This generous scholarship is handed out by a special guest. 
The 'Encouragement Award Summerschool Den Haag' was
handed out by dance legend: Gerard Lemaître in 2016 and
choreographer Medhi Walerski (NDT) in 2017.

Encouragement Award Coaching

since 2015
Awarded to students demonstrating a high level of commitment and devotion.

Mini Scholarship The Mabel Alter Balletschool &
Mini Scholarship Summerschool Den Haag

since 2003
Hard work and dedication in class is rewarded with a mini scholarship
for young talent and sometimes Inspiration Award. The Inspiration Award is intended to
recognize students who demonstrate remarkable qualities as a person.

Inspiration Project Scholarship

2005 till 2015
Between 2005 and 2015 the school has been supporting young
dancers with The Inspiration Project. Collaborating with
choreographers from the Dutch National Ballet, Nederlands Dans
Theater and Scapino Ballet in a performance and making available
complimentary classes and coaching at the school. Click...

Gerard Lemaître and Mirella Simoncini

All scholarships are based on the student's performance
and potential in class, 
financial need is not a factor in
determining the recipients of these awards. 
Please understand it is not possible to request a scholarship.
Scholarships are 
given by invitation only or on
recommendation by a teacher or vocational school. 

Discount for professionals and scholarships are made possible 
by the generosity of The Mabel Alter Balletschool.