Summerschool Den Haag 2018
30 July - 26 August

Guest Teacher at Summerschool Den Haag
Sasha Mukhamedov (Het Nationale Ballet)
Picture by: Angela Sterling

We invite you to join us this summer at Summerschool Den Haag between 30 July and 26 August 2018
Experience professional education in ballet at your own level, with small classes and well known teachers, while enjoying our friendly international atmosphere.

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15 year old girl from Mexico receives scholarship for Summerschool Den Haag

Mexico's most internationally acclaimed male ballet dancer Isaac Hernandez (Dutch National Ballet and English National Ballet), wants to change ballet in Mexico and he is doing this together with his family.
Both his parents were ballet dancers and his younger brother Esteban Hernandez is a principal with the San Francisco Ballet.

The Hernandez family has several projects for children. One of the projects is: Escuela Municipal de Ballet de Tlajomulco, the first school to offer free ballet training for 300 children. One of their students Giselle Garcia Lara has received a scholarship for Summerschool Den Haag. Giselle was invited by Mirella Simoncini after a visit by her teacher Yoko van Reijsen to Mirella’s school.

Giselle Garcia Lara

Yoko (former dancer of the Dutch National Ballet) is currently working for the Hernandez family. Yoko has been traveling around to find possibilities for their students to experience ballet training abroad. For Giselle this will be her very first visit to the Netherlands and meet and greet with the professional teachers at Summerschool Den Haag.


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Notice: Coaching at Summerschool Den Haag 2018 is currently sold out. However you are welcome to send in your request for the new season. 

Personal Technique Analyser

Coaching by Mirella Simoncini is an innovative teaching method. A coaching session is 50 minutes one-on-one, making the most of your talents and uncover and understand your strengths and weaknesses. For information you are welcome to call: 0638551500

The estimated wait time might vary depending on the number of applications received. Students with upcoming auditions or exams should make their reservations early to avoid disappointment.

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New Season 2018/2019
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First class of the new season: Monday 10th September 2018